3 Tips to Organize Your Home Office — And Keep it That Way!

The home office is now more than the area in which we manage our homes and lives. Most likely, you’re working in your home office, too. Keeping your home office organized is essential for the positive flow of your day and utmost productivity.

If you find that your home office has become a messy blend between work and life, here are three tips for keeping this flexible space organized and your daily sanity in balance:  

1. Purge the Paper Pile

The home office is a likely place for us to drop our paper clutter — mail, bills, receipts, work documents, and much more. Start by sorting through all of the paper in your office and make three piles:

  • Keep
  • Recycle
  • Shred

When you’re finished, take out the recycling right away and bag up the papers for shredding.

Remember, it’s important to shred paper documents containing sensitive information to protect your privacy. Some chain office supply stores offer paper shredding services, or most cities host free paper shredding events throughout the year.  

2. Organize

Organizing is much easier once you’ve purged and decluttered. At this point, you should only be working with the things you want to keep.

The key to organizing is putting like-things together and putting them in a designated spot. Start making separate piles for your home/personal papers and supplies, and your work papers and supplies. If there are children in the mix, then create a designated space for their school-related supplies as well.

3. File and Contain


Create a filing system that works for you. The idea is to have a place, preferably locked, to store your documents and sensitive information. Be sure to file by category so that your home documents are not mixed in with your work documents.

Keep your desk or workspace as clear as possible. Studies have shown that clear, organized workspaces promote better concentration and productivity. We love the look of clear acrylic organizing accessories to store your office items in an organized and beautiful way. Feel free to get creative and buy office accessories that match your vibe.

If you stay consistent with sorting through your papers and supplies as they enter your space, and follow these three tips, your home office will stay organized and functional keeping your vibe high and productivity flowing!