Are You Intentionally Shopping? 3 Must Ask Questions BEFORE You Purchase.

The truth is, buying things is exciting. It’s fun to have a package arrive or to purchase something new. There’s a reason that we consume in the way that we do - we are programmed to consume whatever is available for our own ‘survival’, and skilled marketers tell us that the only thing between us and our dreams is the product they’re selling.

Shopping is intentionally set to put us, the consumers, back in the drivers seat and change our purchasing habits. 

The big question is, “How can we qualify a purchase as intentional in a way that aligns with our long-term vision, our values, and the lifestyle we actually want?”.

For spending money, here’s a 3 part lens that may help you filter your shopping experience to help you align your spending with your  intentions. 

  1. Does this purchase add practical and justifiable value to my life?

  2. Does this purchase inspire a way of living and truly enhance my life?

  3. Is this purchase a good use of my hard earned money?

Shopping intentionally means conscientiously choosing to spend your dollars on items that align with your life vision and with brands who’s business contributions you respect. 

Creating intentional shopping habits doesn’t mean you can never go shopping or treat yourself to something fun. It is about becoming more intentional with what you purchase by carefully evaluating each purchase.