Perfectly Imperfect - A Philosophy for Life and Furniture

We’d like to introduce you to the concept of wabi-sabi. This is the ancient Japanese philosophy that simply translates to the idea of finding beauty in age and use. Stemming from Buddhism, wabi-sabi embraces the irregular, imperfect, and incomplete. 

Wabi-sabi gives us permission not to just accept but to love imperfection - your worn out/worn in jean jacket, the comfort of a great pair of broken in leather shoes, the wrinkles around your eyes which stem from years of laugher – the things in life which add depth and meaning.

For some, the idea of wabi-sabi might seem like a slippery slope resulting in a cluttered house. On the contrary, wabi-sabi does not mean letting chores slide. It really means enjoying natural beauty and appreciating that imperfection is just a part of life.

Wabi-sabi in design is all about using natural and organic materials. Incorporating wood, fabric, concrete, and glass with the knowing that these materials will hold up better and age gracefully.

When your home is filled with things that you love and use imperfection is a natural result. Wabi-sabi invites you to recognize that living in your home will imprint memories of a life well lived and this should be more celebrated than shunned.