Amethyst (Calm)

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  • Amethyst (Calm)

Amethyst (Calm)

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Amethyst is renowned for bringing calm and clarity during times of chaos. Those who keep amethyst close will feel comforted, grounded and soothed in an truly uplifting way, helping to negate negative feelings and cultivate space for positive thinking. Amethyst is a great stone in aiding patience in family and relationship dynamics as it supports a calm mind and coming from a place of intention and love.

Crystals come in recyclable, glass jar.

Jar Dimensions
Diameter: 2.875”
Circumference: 9.03”
Height w/ Lid: 3.5”

Crystal weight with Jar included:
Rose Quartz = 1.26 lbs
Tourmaline = 1.35 lbs.
Green Jade, Blue Lapis, Amethyst = 1.32 lbs


Made from 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo.


Fusing crystals with function gives your workspace the tangible energy you want to manifest daily.


Four parts come together to form a piece that is sure to make a statement in any room.