Jade (Luck)

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  • Jade (Luck)

Jade (Luck)

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Jade is highly treasured because it’s considered to be the lucky stone or the happiness stone. Jade represents strength and luck. It also invites energies surrounding good health. Incorporate this beautiful and powerful stone into the office to promote good fortune and enhance maturity and healing in relationships. Traditional feng shui suggests placing jade in the southeast corner of the office to help manifest professional goals, support business ventures, and to create a positive attitude toward money.

Crystals come in recyclable, glass jar.

Jar Dimensions
Diameter: 2.875”
Circumference: 9.03”
Height w/ Lid: 3.5”

Jar Weight
0.475 lbs

Crystal weight with Jar included:
Rose Quartz = 1.26 lbs
Tourmaline = 1.35 lbs.
Green Jade = 1.32 lbs


Made from 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo.


Fusing crystals with function gives your workspace the tangible energy you want to manifest daily.


Four parts come together to form a piece that is sure to make a statement in any room.