The Stand Up

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The Stand Up

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Now that you’re going to work or study with great energy, it only makes sense to have fantastic posture as well. Enter The Standup, because ergonomics matter and you deserve to keep your head up.    

At 40” tall, The Standup allows you to stand comfortably or sit in a stool while keeping that backbone of yours straight.

Add The Riser, and gaze deeply into that monitor without any kink in your neck. Made from sustainable bamboo and the MELD line waiting to receive the energy you choose, The Standup is a benefit to you and any room its in.

Each MELD piece is unique and as with all natural materials will age gracefully. Bamboo, as with all wood products, may develop small cracks and fissures over time. Click here to learn more about MELD’s philosophical alignment with Wabi-Sabi, the ancient Japanese belief in perfectly imperfect.

Dimensions of The Standup:

40" Tall x 55" Wide x 25" Deep

Dimensions of the optional Riser:
Riser is 6"H

Weight: 60lbs



Made from 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo.


Fusing crystals with function gives your workspace the tangible energy you want to manifest daily.


Four parts come together to form a piece that is sure to make a statement in any room.